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[GitHub] activemq-artemis issue #2113: [ARTEMIS-1890] Any-word wildcard fix

Github user gemmellr commented on the issue:

    > So RH docs shouldnt influence the upstream/apache.
    On this specifically, the docs pointed to are for an implementation of the AMQP 0-x style topic binding syntax the Artemis docs indicate its wildcard syntax is similar to, it seems highly appropriate information to reference and consider. There is no upstream-downstream relationship between the two in this case.
    More generally, if the expected Artemis behaviour was understood to be the same as when using the AMQP 0-x syntax it is documented as 'similar to' then the bug report seems valid. I expect testing a comparable scenario with either of the Apache Qpid brokers (of which one is actually upstream from the linked MRG broker behaviour) implementing AMQP 0-x would give the behaviour being sought. If it isnt understood to give the same behaviour, then it could simply be decided that the Artemis docs are loose/inaccurate to its implementation and theyd just need updating to better explain how # wildcarding actually operates.
    I agree that fixing this might give a subtle change in behaviour not expected by some, and so even considering it as a bug would probably keep it for a 2.7.0 release personally as a result. Certainly theres no need to rush it into 2.6.1, other version numbers are available and can be used.
    (I haven't looked at the code, just commenting on the behaviour)